“It seems like it was yesterday that I was sat in an AM classroom. With the help of AM, I have been able to not only improve my grades but learn many life-long lessons along the way. Being part of AM for over 7 years enabled me to develop my grades, confidence and application knowledge. I surpassed my own expectations and was aspired to apply to one of the most oversubscribed courses being Medicine at a prestigious Russell Group University. He is definitely a one-of-a-kind teacher; the one you will remember for the rest of your life. A rare individual who is able to create content that I enjoyed so much I did not realise how much was being learnt. He not only changed the paradigm but provided a teaching style that allows learners at any age to learn in a relaxed and fun environment. To this day, be it in a classroom, working environment or day-to-day activities; the teaching approach and life-lessons learnt whilst being under the guidance of AM have always enabled me to stand out from the rest allowing me to achieve my ambitions. I could not recommend his unique methodology and innovative approach enough, backed by a framework of support even to this day, many years down the line. His genuine care, knowledge and understanding are beyond this world – I would not be half the person I am today.”

Dr. Hanan Ali

“I enlisted with AM at the age of 11 to gain skills in both Islamic and Secular areas. The time I spent with the education centre took me up to the end of my GCSEs and helped myself to achieve the grades needed in later life. Joining AM was one of the best things to happen as it gained friends for life and mentors to facilitate in any accolades I have ambition and dreams for. The centre provided us with a sense of family and brotherhood; this has lasted to the present day and formed a strong bond between us all. AM was a very modern tutorial service; which planned activities to help students gain necessary life skills. Life skills were continuously taught to us by our main teacher and those words of truth and motivation still remain with us in all our projects and ambitions. We were always taught to ‘think outside the box.’ I will definitely recommend AM to others to help their perception be one of self-belief and success.”

B. Hussain (Pharmacist)

“I have known AM for over 20 years. Accomplished professionals, exceptional at what they do and especially Mohamed who has overseen huge improvements in schools by his passion, drive and commitment to succeed. His persona is exceptional as he ensures all the students achieve the highest level of attainment and reach their full potential. I have personally worked with AM for over 10 years and seen then grow from strength to strength despite all the obstacles they never take no for an answer. This has been evident as they have managed many schools in the UK and the Middle-East. AM has the potential to transform schools, develop exceptional personnel through their CPD courses and they ensure every student reaches his or her full potential. It has been a pleasure working with AM.”

S. Siddique (Headteacher)

“I started at MJIS as an unqualified transition teacher for a few months. I took this chance to get into the teaching field where I could make a difference beyond students. However, I was unable to pursue this field and fulfil my potential and skills. This is when Mohamed joined and encouraged me to join as a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Mohamed understood and saw my passion, potential and skills and gave me a chance to utilise these and improve on them. These were of course with immense challenges which were provided to me under his mentorship. I further pursued my career and became a lead teacher and administrator involving myself in many projects. After Mohamed left I continued on the same platform and successfully lead two of the AdvancED standards, and lead 9 subjects. Out of which 3 were IGCSE and A-Levels Plus subjects. I also prepared the school timetable, duty schedules, a 150+ document detailing the school profile, which consistent many elements of the school’s progression and MAP analysis. Without the support, guidance and belief of Mohamed, I would never be able to showcase and highlights by abilities.”

A. Akram (AdvancED & SLT)

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