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Academica Mentoring (AM) & Raedan Institute (RI)

By emphasising a dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, critical and innovative thinking and global awareness, the AM & RI Learner serves as a cornerstone for what it means to be an AM & RI student. Our students come from a variety of social, cultural and economic backgrounds, nationally and internationally.

The learner identifies common attributes that connect AM & RI students around the world.

AM & RI promotes holistic learning that addresses students’ intellectual, emotional and physical development, preparing them to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. The ultimate aim of the learner is to serve as the foundation for our curricula and teaching philosophy. Our Holistic Educational Vision Is second to none and will provide the learner with a unique set of knowledge, skills and experiences all within an Islamic Education system.

Below are a list of of fact sheets and key-idea resources provide school and families with tips and strategies on ‘what works’. (Ref: Parental Engagement)

Effective Parenting workshop consists of 2 series of approx 20 sessions each covering a multitude of topics and issues. 

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