Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide exceptional educational support and mentoring to all students, helping them through their education and into the world of work.

We hope to equip our students with the skills needed to ensure proficiency in academic writing, public speaking, completing application forms and mastering interview techniques.

We offer one-to-one support with educational specialists, catering for students of all abilities and levels, as well as personalising consultation packages in accordance with specific student requirements.


Morality and ethics are at the heart of Academica and we endeavour to incorporate this into all our activities. In order to ensure that all staff uphold our values, all staff are expected to act as role models to support the ethos of Academica. This is achieved through training days, which are ongoing throughout the year.

We not only support students of knowledge within the academic context but also equip them with values that will enable them to make a valuable contribution to the society in which they live. It is also hoped that they would indeed become examples of the manifestation of moral and ethical values to the wider society.

What is so special about Academica?

We offer a rich and unique learning, academic and educational environment.

Dedicated, committed and highly experienced staff members who fully support the ethos.

Each student is respected and cared for as a unique individual.

The excellent student-to-staff ratio ensures all learner assistance requirements are met.

We have excellent facilities, which meet the national guidelines and criteria.

We aim for the student to be a well-rounded citizen and provide excellent resources for this.

Excellent distinction, merit, pass results –AM has a strong tradition of providing excellent academic results. Over the past 10 years, most of our students have achieved excellent results at all levels. This was due to the hard work and commitment of AM staff, students and pupils.
Excellent Status –AM has been named as advanced educational support striving to help achieve greatness in all of their pupils and students. Many people have commented on the vision of AM and that ‘if the relevant financial help was available, AM would help revolutionise education’.‘AM is also a very high achieving programme’ and is producing similar results to ‘top selective independent universities’.
Outstanding Student and Pupil Support –AM’s pupil and student support has been identified by many as outstanding. You will be supported by your mentors, senior tutor, personal tutor, careers staff and teaching staff. We strive to ensure that you achieve your personal best whilst with CAM and beyond.
Progression –AM’s highly qualified, committed and enthusiastic staff will help ensure that you progress successfully into your chosen area, be it the world of work or higher education. AM will guide you every step of the way.
Ethos promoted status –Our main aim is to serve the community by helping underachieving students fulfil their potential. Our objective is to develop a pioneering education system and thereafter establish a full-time support network based on morals and a fantastic ethos. We believe in order to achieve success key components or work ethic, right guidance and peer support is crucial.
Student life –As a student of CAM you can really become part of the programme. AM offers a wide range of extracurricular events in conjunction with many charities so that all students can get involved in charity events, visits and events.
Professional mentors and staff –A dedicated team of members have over 30 yrs combined experience in multifarious fields. We have a track record of success and have worked with many charities to fulfil our ambitions, aim and objectives which is to promote education so that students have the knowledge and the success in their life socio-economically, morally and ethically.
Track record –We have a track record of success. We have helped students all over the world most notably the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India and UAE. We hope to expand our operations in the UK and the Middle East within the next 12 months.
Experience and confidence –Our personal experience tells us that in the current climate it is extremely difficult to get the right job. With help and assistance from AM we can help build your confidence and ensure the relevant information is forwarded such that you stand out from the coward. CONFIDENCE IS KEY.
Colleges, Universities and international establishments –Our aim is to help students around the world. Lack of professional staff, lack of suitable resources and poor educational pedigree are just some of the main reasons students fail. We hope to bridge that gap by training and mentoring our students to achieve their goals and become accomplished professionals.

We provide advice, support, and one-to-one mentoring in the following areas:

  • CV Writing
  • Personal statement
  • Application forms (UCAS, GTTR, Teach First)
  • Assignments (postgraduate)
  • Interview preparation
  • Presentations
  • Business Proposals
  • Research Methods
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Public speaking
  • Mentoring
Recommended further reading: https://www.mindsetkit.org/

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