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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.


One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

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We aim for Greatness

At our Organisation, we aim to raise standards by providing, ethical, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness with humanistic values and providing life skills to all our students. We hope to enable all our students to attain beneficial education so that each student becomes a participant global citizen. We promote the happiness, achievements and successful progress of All our participants as we ensure all our trainees have clarity, vision, focus in addition to self-acceptance and contentment.

Our values are helping people, leaving a lasting legacy, self-acceptance, contentment, truth, honesty and Integrity. Our organisation provides exceptional CPD provision so that All our trainees reach their full potential, understand themselves better, integrate into a better cohesive community and achieve excellence in Education. Our vision for growth, sustainability and viability will encompass, business capacity, financial astuteness, investor credibility and values awareness.

Academica Services

Tuition services

Tuition at Academica is a unique service providing exceptional education and mentoring to all students, helping them through the various levels of education.

Training & CPD

By emphasising a dynamic combination of knowledge, skills and innovative thinking, the trainee develops the required skillset for a professional environment.

Adult Workshops

Adult workshops are a fantastic choice if you are thinking about learning something new or improving existing skills. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds.

Connect with Academica

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Our series of podcasts are becoming very popular, as they are a great resource of learning & skills. Series one discusses effective parenting and series 2 discusses our children, our future.

Consultancy Services

Academica Mentoring is a unique service providing exceptional educational support and mentoring to all students, helping them through their education and into the world of work. We also provide support for educational organisations, schools, charities, local, national and internationally. We provide audits, support for school standards, policies, and change management. We ensure that we provide par excellence in supporting you. We have worked with schools in Australia, USA, Canada, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia to name a few. For bespoke services contact us for a FREE consultation and see how we can assist you.

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Academica Mentoring live

An experience of a kind

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I have known Academica for over 20 years. Accomplished professionals, exceptional at what they do and especially Mohamed who has overseen huge improvements in schools by his passion, drive and commitment to succeed.



It seems like it was yesterday that I was sat in an Academica classroom. With the help of Academica I have been able to not only improve my grades but learn many life-long lessons along the way.



I enlisted with Academica at the age of 11 to gain skills in both Islamic and Secular areas. The time I spent with the education centre took me up to the end of my GCSEs and helped me to achieve the grades needed in later life.


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