SMSC Pastoral Care

SMSC Pastoral Care

Basic Principles

The Pastoral Care system at any school is based on a fundamental principal of Islamic education – the care of the whole person. The Holistic person!


  • To create a caring happy atmosphere in which the highest moral standards have priority.
  • To help pupils to recognise the equal value of all persons.
  • To foster in pupils feelings of self worth and a sense of their own dignity as Muslims.
  • To facilitate learning.
  • To promote understanding.


  1. Pastoral care is the major responsibility of the form tutor Head of Departments, Deputy Headteachers (Form Tutor, HOD and Headteacher’s).
  2. HOD/Form tutors work as a team under the direct guidance of the Deputy Head / Headteacher.
  3. It is the School\’s policy to liaise closely with parents on matters of pastoral care. This liaison is the responsibility of the HOD working with the Deputy head / Headteacher.
  4. The organisation of the curriculum reflects the pastoral needs of the pupils in our care.

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