UAE Recruitment

UAE Recruitment – The MOE panel will be travelling to the below location on the below-mentioned dates to conduct the MOE Interviews.

Please ensure that all candidates invited for the interview are added to the portal and must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree which must be relevant to the position they are applying for. Only invite candidates who have completed their studies and have got their certificates.

All candidate’s attending the interview must be prepared and ready to join within 3 months upon confirmation from MOE Recruitment team.

All non-native English candidates need to produce an IELTS before the interview as per the MOE Requirements for English & Business Subjects.

Date & Location

To be confirmed

Please upload CV’s based on the MOE criteria and standards. Only invite candidates for the below mentioned subjects.

To be confirmed

Job Focus

Mathematics (TTP & Teachers)Physics/Chemistry/Biology (TTP & Teachers)English Teacher (TTP & Teachers)

Primary Teachers- Females Only (Experienced Teachers Only)Business Teacher (Experienced Teachers Only)

Specialised Skills Teacher (Media) (Experienced Teachers Only)Mechanical & Electrical Engineers (Experienced Teachers Only)

Aviation Teachers (Experienced Teachers Only) – to be interviewed only in Manchester Food Science & Inspection – Females Only (Experienced Teachers Only) to be interviewed only in London

Health Science Teachers- Females Only (Experienced Teachers Only) to be interviewed only in London(TTP = new graduates)

Required Document List

  1. Mandatory Passport (valid for six months)
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate
  3. Electronic Photo (Passport size Color photo in the white background as per visa requirements is mandatory)
  4. MOE Introduction Form- Duly Completed without any blanks and with candidate signature (if a block/field does not apply please insert an NA into that block/field. Sections 5 and 8 are mandatory) (see attachment)
  5. Medical Questionnaire (see attachment)
  6. Experience Letter from the previous employer for all experienced teachers.
  7. Qualifications – Copy of All Degree Certificates (Bachelor and above).

Translated attested version in English is to be provided should the certificate not be in English.

Screenshot of MOE Portal Submission number and name.

Please ensure that every candidate has been registered on the MOE portal (except for new positions which have not been added to the portal)

On the day of the interview

  1. Candidates are to provide all of the above-mentioned documents on a USB drive to the MOE representative at the venue
  2. Documents are to be presented in an e-folder labelled with their name and Campaign
  3. Documents are to be saved separately (not as one file)
  4. Each individual document is to be clearly labelled as per the document and the example below

E.g. Name Surname Document Type

If you are interested in applying please complete the application form below with the required details.

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