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Our aim is to support teachers and educationalist around the world. From my experience over the last 22 years in education and 12 years in senior leadership, i have helped and assisted thousands of teachers. Based on the pareto principle i have created a programme which can accelerate the way you teach which can impact the way you teach, support your work-life balance and increase attainment for your students.



Those At The Beginner’s Level, Teachers, TA’s, Admin, Educationalist, Headteachers, Principals, CEO’s, Professional Development Trainers, Teacher Trainers, PGCE/QTS students, Madrasah Teachers, Parents, Internships/Volunteers, Communities, Schools, Madrasahs, Organisations, After School Clubs, Tuition Centres, Charities.


Know how to get into teaching

What are the key elements of outstanding teaching

Don’t know how to support and cater for all students

Problems in lesson planning

Struggling with managing student behaviour

Schools issue

Don’t understand Teacher standards and JD

How to collate evidence

How to get your staff to be outstanding

How to train all your staff

How to ensure quality teaching delivery

How to teach our kids

How to support teaching as a TA


Mundane tasks to do

Over planning of lessons

Student misbehaviour

Not being recognised for the work that you do

Low pay

Too much work

Constant marking and time consuming

Worried about headteacher/Ofsted observations

Student not getting the grades

Don’t know how to support every student

Poor lesson planning

Key features of a lesson plan

Not understanding the key teacher standards

Not enough evidence for appraisals/promotions


Too many hours of work

No free time

Easier way to do this

Done for you service

Amazing results

Outstanding behaviour

Confidence and self-esteem



With over two decades of expertise gained in the global education sector, I am an experienced leadership and academic expert, CEO, Director of Education, Exec Head Senior Education Consultant, Coach/Mentor, Teacher and Cambridge/Examiner. My experience has allowed me to lead and manage in 4 different countries and several schools around the country. Currently I am the chair of Raedan Institute for over 14 years and worked in Business, Charity, International schools, Consultancy and much much more…


Over the last 2 years we have delivered many courses to over 4000+ students in 30+ different countries. We have also delivered nearly 70+ projects, activities and courses in the last 6 months alone at our Centre of Excellence.

Our aim is for you to become the best that you can be:

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Attain outstanding results
Higher Salary


We provide FREE advice

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Knowledge of what to do and when to do it is a beautiful thing.

Impress your students, colleagues and employers… Simples

“Why Academica Mentoring? Because it sucks to be stressed, frustrated, exhausted, and tired without easy access to reliable training and key done for your resources.”

The Academica Mentoring Online 5 Session Teacher Training Masterclass experience connects Teachers and Educationalist with either their students or schools and parents by providing unique and exceptional teaching & learning experiences.

Our core mission is simple. Provide a teaching method Masterclass to the issue of being overworked, lack of pay, working needless on mundane tasks, and not enjoying your teaching due to stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

But perhaps the biggest message from Academica Mentoring is the idea of choice to become better teachers with less workload. Our tagline focuses onyou– “Be Awesome – Every day you can make a difference”

The autonomy that Academica Mentoring provides, whether from choosing the basic done for you course, to coaching and mentoring to knowing what to do, how to do it and most importantly why you are a teacher? This is motivated by your desire to make a difference in the lives of your students.


We know being a teacher is HARD. Whether you’re just starting or have taught for decades, teachers globally are faced with similar challenges.

●    Are you a teacher who wakes up every morning completely exhausted, dreads going to work and struggles to manage behaviour?

●    Learn the methodology and pedagogy to teach fun, engaging and interactive lessons that accelerate the learning of your students and allow you to teach with motivation and creativity.

●    Do you need to spend 2-3 hours a day preparing for your lessons?

●    Minimise your preparation time using a ‘proven system’ to consistently plan outstanding lessons, so you can save 2 hours a day to do the things you love.

We can assist you

●   Improve your CV and your statement letter.

●   Get trained and speak the language of international schools.

●   Develop your PDP and achieve your dream teaching role or position in education.

●   Learn about teacher standards, lesson planning, differentiation, behaviour management and how to create evidence via a PDP.

●   Design a lifestyle that fuels your passion, drive and motivation and at the same time allows you to do the things you love without having to wait for school holidays.

Know what to do, when to do it and achieve your full potential – fast.

A common question is, what’s covered in the 5 Session Teacher Training program, and how will it impact my teaching?

So, here’s a breakdown:

Module 1 – Teacher Standards & Lesson Planning

Learn how teacher standards work in real life, in a simple, clear and concise way. Learn simple ways to evidence your teacher standards. Learn what to keep in mind while doing classroom observations. Understand the purpose of each teaching standard. See great examples from the classroom.

Learn how to produce outstanding lesson plans that are focused, provide clear objectives, success criteria, introduce blooms questioning, uses the VARK model, keywords, timing and pace, step by step actions of what are a teacher should be doing and what are students doing. Also, how to self-evaluate which is key in order to improve your teaching.

Remember: focus on one area at a time. Master this and then move on to the next.

Module 2 – Behaviour Management

Learn proven techniques on how to create your ideal classroom, motivate your students, maintain their attention and keep them on task without screaming, pleading or burning yourself out. Learn about behaviour passports and how to target certain misbehaviours at the same time evidencing (data gathering) so you can see the reduction in misbehaviours over time.

Remember: This takes time. As long as you implement our step by step guide even low-level disruptions will disappear.

Module 3 – Effective Differentiation in Lessons

Learn practical tips on achieving excellence for all students, no matter what their starting point or ability. Learn how to teach inclusive, personalised lessons in which everyone is able to learn and achieve. The differentiation techniques have proven to show a direct positive correlation with the behaviour in lessons.

Remember: You can also learn about collaborative and cooperative practices and how the jigsaw method or Think-Pair-Share methods work. I use Table A-B-C-D or the 1-2-3-4 method.

Module 4 – The Perfect Lesson

Learn what really matters when you teach your lessons. Learn a range of ideas and approaches that aren’t just outstanding against some Ofsted tick list, but genuinely outstanding. This module takes you from the start, through the lesson to the end and the result should be a great lesson which has been planned, delivered and feedback gained for both student and teacher. The techniques you will learn in this module will bring you back to life. I show you how to use the Blooms and VARK models and resources which transform your teaching and show the observer how dynamic, fun, engaging and interactive teacher you are.

Module 5 – Professional Development Portfolio

Learn practical ways to construct your portfolio and evidence your competencies. See examples of other teachers’ portfolios and get 1 to 1 feedback on yours.

My teaching strategies are based on the Pareto principle of 20/80 which show you how you can smash those observations, be in demand / go to teacher and also how to successfully demand a pay rise…

You will also receive FREE 1-2-1 coaching and Skype/zoom sessions.

Free support and consultations.

Free masterclass resources.

Free certification

Terms and conditions apply.

With the increasing emphasis on continuing professional development for teachers and all educational practitioners, the use of portfolios to plan, chart, and review professional development is now widespread.

Drawing directly from my two decades of experience of developing portfolios and portfolio-based assessment, and from current research, this module will enable you to design and plan a portfolio, chart and analyse relevant professional experiences, reflect critically on practice, assess performance against standards and competencies frameworks, present evidence of practice and achievements, and plan your continuing professional development.

And remember when you invest in this training, there’s absolutely NO RISK.

All of the risks are on me (as it should be).


“Your first opening question changed my perspective on things entirely. Real insight and complete focus. This was an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session and I look forward to start implementing some of the techniques I’ve learned into practice straight away. Thank you for sharing an inspiring learning experience. Would I recommend this course? Unequivocally to any academic”.

“I am so glad to attend the course, it was brilliant in all aspects”.

“The event was an excellent opportunity for the teachers of the community. The content was incredibly beneficial and the teacher was exceptionally knowledgeable. The topics discussed were essential, and a lot was studied in a short amount of time. The event was brief but comprehensive. The event itself was incredibly organised and the structure of the content was systematic. Overall, the event was very useful and no doubt we all left with some extremely useful tips and advice”.

“The training was very informative. I really enjoyed some of the psychological concepts covered. It was an eye-opener on many new concepts and strategies to be used during teaching”.

“Wonderful eye-opener for teachers at all stages of their profession. A good way to keep updated on the latest developments in teaching”.

“Was a great event and shows the credibility of the standards of all other modules. It is worth the investment for the holistic development of the school”.

“It was very inspiring and motivating to become an excellent teacher. It did give a lot of helpful tips”.

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