Series 1 Session 15

Academica Events – Session 15 of 20

Parental Workshop S1 Session 15: Special Hajj and Umrah for kids Session

The story of Hajj the beginning, The Kaaba, Ibrahim & Sara (as), Hajj today

  1. What is Umrah?
  2. What is Hajj?
  3. The significance of Hajj and Umrah
  4. How to perform Hajj and Umrah for kids

For all our workshops we provide expert advice, guidance and ensure you can make changes in your life.

Before we begin, I would like to say that I understand what many parents are going through and the problems, obstacles, lockdown issues and mainly how this is impacting you as a parent.

We have decided to deliver a series of parental workshops so that you can be an amazing parent like our beloved Prophet (Sallahu Alaihi Wasalam). I understand your frustrations, anxiety, stress and feeling of being helpless.

Do you struggle to teach your children?

Do you struggle to control their behaviour?

Do you feel at times inadequate as a parent?

Do you feel you could do more for your children?

Are your children disconnected from learning?

Are your children struggling with their identity?

Would you like to know how to connect your children to Allah?

Would you like your parental questions answered by qualified scholars and experts?

Summary of workshops delivered so far: See trailer

Previous sessions:

• What are the parenting challenges due to the current lockdown.

• Benefits of the parental workshop.

• What are the key benefits of Home Education / Education system?

• What is Spirituality and Connecting to Allah?

• How to connect to Allah. Six simple steps.

• Seeking knowledge is Fard? What is knowledge?

• Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan.

• Detox – mind, body, soul (inc digital detox), – Nutrition.

• How to get kids to connect to Allah.

• Maintaining family ties.

• The Prophet (SAW) as a parent.

Imam Ghazali’s works on parenting (4 part series)

• Overcoming Procrastination

In addition, we have discussed

• Supporting the community – How to fulfil this obligation through your Zakah, Sadaqah, Lillah, Waqf etc, and Why RI?

• Academica Mentoring & Raedan Institute Values and what we do.

So, let me tell you more about me…

With over two decades of expertise gained in the global education sector, I am an experienced leadership and academic expert, Director of Education, senior education consultant, Coach/Mentor, Teacher and Cambridge/Examiner. I have also been the chair for Raedan Institute for nearly 14 years and worked in Business, Charity, International schools, Consultancy and much much more…

Over the last 2 years, we have delivered many courses to over 2000+ students in 30+ different countries. We have also delivered nearly 70+ projects, activities and courses in the last 6 months alone at our Centre of Excellence.

We understand your problems and promise to provide you with 3 pieces of advice:

1. How to be an AWESOME parent/guardian


3. EMPOWER yourself to truly CONNECT to ALLAH…

Why are we so confident? We will let our students, parents and staff tell you why…

Just want to share… the Parenting session was amazing…especially all the spiritual aspects in the latter half….Subhan’Allah.

Alhamdulillah, it was brilliant…You have great guests who know their subject matter inside and out, and you are all passionate in looking at the child/person as a whole, rather than trying to fix a component part…. more people need to be aware of the interconnectivity of our Mind, Heart and Gut. Funnily enough, we did an introduction to the prophetic Medicine course and how it affects our temperaments, and how different aspects will affect our mindset and overall health …. so we were avid listeners as usual. May Allah reward you for the hard work you are putting into this.

You can also CALL/EMAIL/CONNECT – / 07725 974831

The sessions will be hosted every Wednesday 2:00-3:30 pm.

The discussion will be on relevant topics with Q & A throughout.

What you will find is that at RI, we make a DIFFERENCE…

• For our students we provide QUALITY, EXPERT TEACHING

• For our youth we provide a FUN, ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE SAFE SPACE to explore

• For our parents we provide FREE WEEKLY PARENTAL WORKSHOPS

• For our teachers, TA’s and other professionals we provide FREE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/CPD TRAINING

• For our interns/volunteers we provide GUIDANCE, WORK EXPERIENCE and increase their CONFIDENCE

• For our support groups we provide NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES, help you BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and a SAFE SPACE to connect

• For our senior people a place to REACH OUT AND TALK

Ml Mohamed Sidat (Raedan Institute /Academica Mentoring)


Teacher Training Provider of the Year 2019/20 (LPA)

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