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  • Minimise your marking time. Should you be spending 2-3 hours a day on marking? Actually, the answer will surprise you (we’ll show you how we do it and how our students and teachers do it)
  • Create a ‘proven system’ to consistently plan outstanding lessons, so you can save 2 hours a day to do the things your love
  • Learn the methodology and pedagogy to teach fun, engaging and interactive lessons that accelerate the learning of your students and allow you to teach with motivation and creativity
  • Stop asking what are the areas that I can improve in my “job search chain” and where should I be utilising my time?  Using the appropriate and correct language for my CV? Preparing for an outstanding Interview? How to negotiate a salary? What?? (We’ll show you exactly what you need to ‘wow’ any interviewer or your employer / manager)
  • Design a lifestyle that fuels your passion, drive and motivation and at the same time allows you to do the things you love without having to wait for school holidays

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Work less hours #1

Imagine saving over 20 hrs per week by my proven techniques

Have more FREE time #2

Imagine spending more time with your loved ones, friends, more time at the GYM, sports and dining.

Amazing student grades #3

Imagine learning all the tricks on how to get the best results for your students, how grammar schools get the results and with minimal effort

Hear from others just like you . . .

“Your first opening question changed my perspective on things entirely. Real insight and complete focus. This was an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session and I look forward to start implementing some of the techniques I’ve learned into practice straight away. Thank you for sharing an inspiring learning experience. Would I recommend this course? Unequivocally to any academic”.

Dr Fathia


“The event was an excellent opportunity for the teachers of the community. The content was incredibly beneficial and the teacher was exceptionally knowledgeable. The topics discussed were essential, and a lot was studied in a short amount of time. The event was brief but comprehensive. The event itself was incredibly organised and the structure of the content was systematic. Overall, the event was very useful and no doubt we all left with some extremely useful tips and advice”.


Exec Headteacher


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