Title Length

Aim of the session

Objective of the session

Purpose of the session

Needs of the session – Knowledge, Skills and Performance

30 Mins
Session 1 - Learning Theories and Concepts:

1a Learning theories (PDF)

1b Learning Styles

1c Multiple Intelligences

1d Iceberg Model

1e Kolb Theory


20 mins

60 mins

60 mins

30 mins

30 mins

Trainer Role:



Job description

Role Specification


60 mins
Title Length
Session 2: Learning Methods

150 Teacher Tools


Teaching and Learning Methods

Role of the facilitator

Notes – CAF, Dartboard, Mindmaps, SWOT, Zone of Reflection


10 mins

10 mins



50 mins

Needs Assessment Analysis and Tools


65 mins
Session 3: Teaching and Learning Strategies

Lesson Plan

Lesson Observations

Lesson – Ofsted Prompts

Behaviour Checklist

Blooms Taxonomy

Session 4: Assessment Tools and Outcomes


Assessment audits

Assessment methods

Teaching and Learning Checklist

Training evaluation form and analysis


Task 1 – 700-1000 words

Certification info

Other Courses

Review on FB and GMB

Questionnaire – Survey Monkey