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At primary level KS 1 or KS 2 (ages 5-11) we try to help students build subject knowledge by using the latest teaching and learning methodology.


At secondary level KS 3 or KS 4 (ages 11-16) we try to help students build subject knowledge by using the latest teaching and learning methodology. We also support students at IGCSE level and in examination.


At Post 16 level we help students build subject knowledge by using the latest research techniques and assignment methodology. We also support students for IELTS and SATS.


At Undergraduate and Postgraduate level we help students by using the latest research techniques and assignment methodology.

Academica Mentoring

CAM in conjunction with Edutainplus – Qatar is proud to announce its new flagship programme in Qatar.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” (Malcolm X)

Consultancy of Academica Mentoring (CAM) is a unique service providing exceptional educational support and mentoring to all students, helping them through their education and into the world of work. We hope to equip our students with the skills needed to ensure proficiency in many areas: KS 1-3 support in developing to achieve their full potential, IGCSE and AS / A level support in all subjects, academic writing, University assignments, tasks and projects at undergraduate and postgraduate level, completing application forms and mastering interviews techniques. We offer one-to-one support with educational specialists, catering for students of all abilities and levels, as well as providing personalised consultation packages according to student needs.

All members of staff are trained to become positive role models for students and support the ethos of CAM through workshops and training days ongoing throughout their employment. Our expectations are high and hence we not only support students of knowledge within the academic context, but also equip them with values that will enable them to make a valuable contribution to the society in which they live.

We offer a rich and unique learning, academic and educational environment and have dedicated, committed and highly experienced staff members who fully support the CAM ethos. We ensure that each student is respected and cared for as a unique individual and the excellent student to staff ratio ensures that the learner will receive all the assistance that they require throughout their time with us. Alongside this we ensure that we have high quality resources enabling us to cater for specific student needs, as well as allowing us to provide the best possible service to students and staff alike. We have already gained a positive reputation with our past and present students and staff, whereby student testimonials highlight the positive impact of support received and this is resonated in the wider community.

We are known for: Excellent results, outstanding student and staff support, exceptional personalised packages with access to professional mentors and staff, a successful track record and the vision to make a significant difference to students, staff and to the community as a whole. We have also ensured we continue to develop ourselves such that we offer an outstanding service in our 5 strands: Quality of Provision, Effectiveness of Provision, Capacity to Improve, Achievements and Standards and Leadership and Management.

Our recruitment and admissions procedure takes place in two stages. Initially students are expected to complete an application form detailing their qualifications to date and may be asked to send in a sample of academic writing to support the application. All students will then receive a FREE initial consultation, which allows us to complete a thorough assessment of what students require from us and what we can offer. Alongside this, it gives us the opportunity to ensure that the package set up for the student is personalised to their specific needs ensuring that they are given the best possible support throughout their time with us. All stages of recruitment will be carefully documented. Post-consultation documentation is provided to ensure that students are fully aware of CAM’s policies and procedures.  All students are advised to ensure that all relevant documentation is returned to CAM, along with the current fees, by the date given at the consultation.

We offer many projects and provide advice, support, and one-to-one mentoring & coaching in many areas. “Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.” Eric Parsloe, The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring.

Starting in a new venture, even a friendly one like ours, can be daunting and there maybe be occasions when you need advice or just someone to listen to you. CAM provides a dedicated personal tutor for each student offering pastoral support, who provides and promotes a supportive attitude to issues raised by the student. There are of course parent-student consultations on a regular basis as we strongly believe that students success is based on the personal and emotional support given by family and/or carers as well as the academic support we are giving.

CAM offers a positive environment and atmosphere with a strong sense of moral and ethical obligations to you and the community and ensures that programmes cater for social and personal development, whilst placing great emphases on good conduct, manners and respect for one another and cares for the environment. We instil belief in our students until they believe in themselves. This is important for their psychological development and self esteem

Finally we are a consultancy with friendly, approachable staff aiming to make your School, college, undergraduate or postgraduate experience a more rewarding one.

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