PSHE (SMSC) at Academica Mentoring

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and education is a key part of both the core and extended curriculum at AM. Every opportunity is taken for students to be reflective about their own beliefs and others’, develop a moral purpose, use and develop a range of social skills and understand and respect a full range of cultural influences.

Some of the many ways we promote the development of these areas are:

  • A diverse and constantly updated enrichment curriculum (please see full timetable) which should run from 3-5pm every day. The enrichment curriculum includes extensive careers information, advice and guidance that includes financial education delivered through partnerships with organisations and companies.
  • Daily assemblies and reflections covering current affairs, historical events, politics, religion and financial literacy.
  • A range of guest speakers representing different backgrounds, sectors, religions, values and communities (please see full rota for guest speakers) to develop cultural literacy.
  • Close work with the the Community who work with local residents and their families and provide extra-curricular activities open to all of our students
  • Cross-Curricular coverage of the following topics in Science: sex and relationship education, drug education
  • Cross-curricular coverage of the following topics in PE, Gastronomy and French: importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle
  • Through engagement with the local community with local residents invited into school for community lunch and students making afternoon tea for local elderly residents.
  • A wide range of school trips (students on average take part in a school trip at least once every 3 weeks)
  • Opportunities for student leadership including House Ambassadors, Head Girl and Head Boy and Student Librarians.
  • A relentless focus and understanding of our school values which are constantly and consistently referred to and encouraged.
  • A focus on British values with family style dining at lunchtimes with a range of professional visitors who are invited to the school to dine with the students for community lunch on a Friday.
  • Students volunteering projects to support other members of the community. e.g. students reading with parents and visitors.

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