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Teacher Training Sessions 4th Feb 2018
  1. Lesson Planning and Schemes of Work (SOWs)

lesson plan is a teacher’s detailed description of the course of instruction or “learning trajectory” for a lesson. A syllabus may be set out by an exam board or prepared by the professor who supervises or controls course quality. A scheme of work is a plan that defines work to be done in the classroom. The term curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content taught in a school or in a specific course or program.

What is covered in this course:

What is a lesson plan?

What is a curriculum?

What is a syllabus?

What is Scheme of work?

The importance of each?

Working with a Scheme of work and student attainment levels


 6. Attendance and Punctuality / Lateness

A good education gives a child the best possible start in life. We must ensure that all pupils have an equal chance to make good use of the education that the school offers by providing a positive and encouraging atmosphere. To achieve this it is important that each child attends school regularly and punctually. When a child does not attend school regularly and on time they will have difficulty keeping up with their work and will therefore underachieve.

As a parent/carer you want the best for your children. Having a good education is an important factor in opening up more opportunities in adult life. Did you know that:

  • a child who is absent a day of school per week misses an equivalent of two years of their school life
  • 90% of young people with absence rates below 85% fail to achieve five or more good grades of GCSE and around one third achieve no GCSEs at all
  • poor examination results limit young people’s options and poor attendance suggests to colleges and employers that these students are unreliable
  • poor school attendance is also closely associated with crime a quarter of school age offenders have truanted repeatedly
  • at least 1 million children take at least one-half day off a year without permission
  • 5 million school days are missed each year through unauthorised absence.

GCSEs may seem a long way off for you and your child but all absence at any stage leads to gaps in your child’s learning. This in turn can: mean that they fall behind in work, affect their motivation, affect their enjoyment of learning, lead to poor behaviour, affect their desire to attend school regularly, affect their confidence in school, mean they miss out on the social life of school and extracurricular opportunities and experiences, affect their ability to have or keep friendships.

What is covered in this course:

What is attendance?

How to improve attendance and punctuality?

Motivation and links

Extra-curricular and links to attendance / punctuality

Discipline system in schools 

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Lesson Plan and Schemes of Work – Sunday 4th Feb 2018    9:00 – 12:00pm

Attendance and Lateness – Sunday 4th Feb 2018    1:00 – 4:00pm

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Costs £75 per module.

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Location: Leicester (East Midlands)

Contact No: 07725 974831




“Even though I am not a class teacher in may current role. But by attending this course definitely motivated me to further my knowledge and encouraged me to look forward to gain this position Insha’Allah. I also felt from the instructor his willingness to give us his full support, guidance and by following his advice these goal will be achieved Insha Allah”. 

“Your first opening question changed my perspective on things entirely. Real insight and complete focus. This was an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session and I look forward to start implementing some of the techniques I’ve learned into practice straight away. Thank you for sharing an inspiring learning experience. Would I recommend this course? Unequivocally to any academic”.

“I am so glad to attend the course, It was brilliant in all aspects”.

“By attending this course I learned so much and it gave me a better insight of my future career. May Allah swt bless you immensely and increase your knowledge and give you the strength to help the ummah inshallah ameen”.

Jan 13th 2018 Masterclass:

“The event was an excellent opportunity for the teachers of the community. The content was incredibly beneficial and the teacher was exceptionally knowledgeable. The topics discussed were essential, and a lot was studied in a short amount of time. The event was brief but comprehensive. The event itself was incredibly organised and the structure of the content was systematic. Overall, the event was very useful and no doubt we all left with some extremely useful tips and advise”.

“The training was very informative. I really enjoyed some of the psychological concepts covered. It was an eye opener on many new concepts and strategies to be used during teaching”.

“Wonderful eye opener for teachers at all stages of their profession. Good way to keep updated on the latest developments in teaching”.

“Was a great event and shows the credibility of the standards of all other modules. It is worth an investment for the holistic development of the school”.

“Very useful for me even if I had not understood everything because I do not understand English very well”.

“It was very inspiring and motivating to become an excellent teacher. It did give a lot of helpful tips”.