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Attend the Free Online programme by Maulana Mohamed Sidat (BA, MA, PGCE/QTS, NPQLE (19) who has over two decades of expertise in education. Through his experienced gained in the global education sector, he has created systems, methods, strategies that has transformed the performance of the schools in many countries.

Learn how you can In Sha Allah, have an outstanding impact on your students who are more connected to ALLAH (SWT) and thereby becoming exemplary members of society who are contributing to the needs of their community and Ummah.

Don't forget to view our free introductory videos:

Please find below the step by step all about Our online Madrasah Teacher Training Programme:

Online Madrasah Teacher Training Programme - Introduction.

Session 1: The Why Problem?

Session 2: CPD, Tri-Methods, Self-Evaluation, 3-point awareness.

Session 3: Behaviour Management, HQT, Outstanding teaching.

Session 4 - Final Session Syllabus, on-going support, latest testimonials, bonuses, Q & A and certification.

You will also need to take notes so please have paper and stationary ready to take the relevant notes.

Coming soon – Contact +447725974831 for more details.

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