I enlisted to AM at the age of 11 to gain skills in both Islamic and Secular areas. The time I spent with the education centre took me up to the end of my GCSEs and helped me to achieve the grades needed in later life. Joining AM was one of the best things to happen as it gained friends for life and mentors to facilitate in any accolades I have ambition and dreams for. The centre provided us with a sense of family and brotherhood; this has lasted to the present day and formed a strong bond between us all. AM was a very modern tutorial service; which planned activities to help students gain necessary life skills. Life skills were continuously taught to us by our main teacher and those words of truth and motivation still remain with us in all our projects and ambitions. We were always taught to ‘ Think outside the box.’ I will definitely recommend AM to others to help their perception be one of self-belief and success.  B.A. Hussain.