2 day Teacher Training Masterclass



Session 1: How to become an outstanding teacher?

Discussion 1: GM – Variables and Non-Variables

Workshop 1: Complete worksheets on GM

Professional Development in Teaching

Session 2: Key Aspects of Outstanding Teaching

Discussion 2: Key elements of teaching

Workshop 2: Practice and implementation of key teaching strategies

Session 3: Teaching & Learning Strategies

Discussion 3: Effective teaching and learning strategies

Workshop 3: Teacher Folder and PDP’s, Blooms Taxonomy, A Model of Learning Objectives, Multiple Strategies / context strategies, VARK

Session 4: The Perfect Lesson

Discussion 4: What do inspectors look for? How you can become and effective, outstanding and motivational teacher?

Workshop 4: Observation and Feedback, Assessment, EC + EP

Final session

Summary and Bonus event

Conclusion and Q & A

Q & A (certification)

Resources and Teacher Training Programme